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Interior Design

Creating an interior design for your home can be a daunting task. There are so many elements to consider, from the colors of the walls to the style of furniture to the arrangement of pieces on the floor. At Blinds, Shades, and More, our home designer team wants to help. These talented room designers know everything there is to know about interior decoration. Using our access to top-quality products and their room designer knowledge, they will walk you through the entire process and help you create the home of your dreams. Stop asking Google for “an interior designer near me” and start working with one of our experts.

The Process

Initial Consultation

Each of our home interior design projects begins with an initial consultation. This is where you sit down with one of our room designers to discuss your project. They will ask about the scope of the work. Are you looking to redesign an entire home, or are you just remodeling your kitchen? Then they will ask you more about what style or aesthetic you are hoping to create. Are you looking for something modern? A farmhouse design? An eclectic feel? A heavily themed home based on a favorite book or movie? Don’t worry if you don’t have a solid idea of what you want; our designers are well versed in many different styles and can explain all of the options and make suggestions that will appeal to you. Once a broad style choice is decided, you are ready for the next step in the process.

Interior Design, Bedroom Designer, Home Designer with Blinds, Shade, and More near Laredo, Texas (TX)
Home Interior, Room Designer, Interior Designer with Blinds, Shade, and More near Laredo, Texas (TX)

Home Visit

The next part of the interior design process is a home visit. Whether done in person, through pictures, or via video chat, our interior designer needs to see your home as it is right now. A large part of interior design is knowing how to treat the shape of the space, the size, and the lighting. Different colors work better in rooms with morning light, and different hues are better in rooms with few windows. The home tour also allows our designer to get a feel for the pieces you already own. That way, they can incorporate the elements you want to keep into your new design and make suggestions for changes or replacements.

The Design

The third step in the process is the design step. This is where our team truly shines. Taking everything they’ve learned about your design dreams and your existing home, our home designer will create several design options for you. We always make sure that the customer is heavily involved in this process and that the colors and items are what you are looking for. A bedroom designer might suggest several different layouts before you both settle on one that works. Taking all of your feedback into account, our design team will develop a final look for your home. This final design will include layout options, color swatches, fabric choices, lighting designs, and furniture & decor suggestions.


Once you have a design you like, acquisition is the next step. We carry an entire line of Hunter Douglas window treatments and several other home decoration products from some of the best brands and creators in the industry. What we don’t have in-house, we will work with partners to acquire. Our interior design team will help you find the right pieces in the correct colors for every room in your home. From floor to ceiling, we will turn our interior designs into physical objects you can place in your home.

Design Completion

The final step in the interior design process is creating the space. Once all of the pieces have been acquired, you will be able to follow the designs created by our team to transform your space. Our team will continue to help you as items arrive and you put in the work to remodel your rooms. Let our installation professionals help with window treatments and kitchen cabinets. Our job isn’t finished until you are satisfied with your interior design.

Contact Us

When you are ready to start your next interior design project, we want Blinds, Shades, and More to be at the top of your contact list. For over 17 years, we have provided top-quality customer service from a team that understands our customers and really listens to what they want. You can visit our showroom in Laredo, Texas, call us at (956) 712-4116 or contact us online to set up a consultation. We are a locally owned and operated interior design company that proudly serves Laredo, Texas, and the surrounding area.

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